Every phase of the asset’s life should be planned, budgeted and organized. In the case of a roof, it requires proper design, quality installation and consistent maintenance of the asset. by avoiding premature roof failure; business or tenant disruption as a result of leaks; consequential damage to the building interior or its contents; legal liabilities; and energy loss. The simple logic of being proactive vs. reactive adds up to savings and peace of mind. Many roof warranties require a maintenance plan to keep warranties in good standing.


Allows you to stay on top of your portfolio of roof assets

  1. PREVENT – Preventative maintenance is an annual inspection to gather
    information about the roof and document the deficiencies which will require
    corrective action. Plus prepare maintenance or replacement budgets and to
    evaluate the roof system.
  2. GATHER and UPDATE – Information about the roof system and building
    envelop. All of the inventory data on every roof section for every facility is
    compiled and analyzed to provide the customer with useful data within his
    portfolio for the purpose of making informed decisions.
  3. REPORT – Diagnostics and roof analytics allow Z-SURE to establish proprietary
    budgets and forecasting. We can relate the information to the goals for each
    facility to minimize repair expenses and maximize the life of the roofing system.